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Sealant and Caulking Installation

Riggio/Boron Ltd. specializes in sealant removal and replacement. Our experience allows us to inspect and evaluate existing conditions of sealant and determine what repairs are needed to provide proper protection for your building’s façade from water, air and other external infiltrations.

Masonry & Stone Restoration

Riggio/Boron Ltd. has extensive experience in the area of concrete, masonry and stone restoration. These surfaces can last centuries with proper maintenance.  Mortar joints need to be full and tight to block water infiltration. Failing mortar joints will allow water into the structure and erode the brick and stone itself. Well maintained mortar joints and the application of a masonry sealer will ensure a prolonged life for the structure.

We provided 100% grinding and repointing, 100% removal and replacement of sealant and 100% water repellant application on the tallest masonry building in downtown Chicago, Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Complete Façade Repair

Riggio/Boron Ltd. provides consultation, project design and implementation for complete façade repair. Complete Façade Enhancement can include mock-up testing, exterior masonry and stone repair, sealant restoration, painting and waterproofing.

Water Testing and Leakage

Riggio/Boron Ltd. is able to provide investigation and water testing in accordance with both the AAMA 501.2-03 and ASTM 331-00 water testing protocols. These test methods require step-by-step procedures using a specialized nozzle to detect water penetration and air leakage. These processes of testing are applicable for any curtain wall, window or skylight.

Exterior Façade Inspections

Riggio/Boron Ltd. facilitates critical exams required by the City of Chicago. We provide building inspections to address our clients’ immediate concerns and recommendations for on-going proactive maintenance programs.

In addition, our site visits and observation reports include photo logs, pricing of critical needs and long-term alternatives. These reports are very useful for budgeting and board communication.

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